Rules & Regulations

- Dress Code:
  • During the college hours all students must be in Institute Uniform.
- Change of Address and Phone Number :
  • In case the address and phone number mentioned in the application form of any student gets changed, it must be immediately informed to the Institute authority in writing. It is mandatory to keep updated contact details of guardian with the Institute.
- Attendance Regulation :
  • Students must attend at least 75% of theoretical, practical and sessional classes held during the semester. Failing which the student will not be eligible to appear for semester examination.
- Class Timing :
  • Regular classes will be held from Monday to Friday and special or additional classes will be held on Saturday.
- Security :
  • Students should not keep any expensive belongings with them. For safety, cash & valuables may be kept in the custody.
  • In case of theft/loss of student personal belongings (cash/study materials/ mobile phone/ laptop/ other valuable), Institute will not be responsible.
- Damages & Losses :
  • Any damage & losses caused to any property belongings to the Institute / hotel will be treated as punishable offence. Cost of repair / replacement will have to be borne by the concerned student/students immediately.
- Use of Narcotic Medicine :
  • Will have to submit the authenticated document or prescription from certify registered doctor.
  • Guardian must take an approval from Institute authority for said cause. Failing which concerned student will be immediately suspended from the Institute.
- Smoking & Drinking :
  • Any student found under the influence of intoxication, within the Institute/hostel premises will be suspended from the Institute/hostel with immediate effect.
- Leave Rules :
  • In any case without guardians consent (letter/fax/email), students are not allowed to stay outside the hostel overnight. No telephonic request for releasing the students on weekend/for any reason will be entertained. Any kind of hostel related request or application should be addressed to the hostel superintendent/ HOD.
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